The Move

Carissa Fulkerson

No doubt you all know the last year has been a hard year for our family. I have been doing lots of thinking and reevaluating my soap business. 

When my soap business began almost 9 years ago I had 4 little kids 4 and under and needed a creative escape and in these past 9 years we have added another child, moved back to Texas, started homeschooling, helped start a church, and my husband started full time ministry along with his day job. Needless to say we have been busy.

Things are changing and that is ok. Everyone needs to reevaluate and see what needs to be done to be more productive and grow.

Changes are happening for Hungry Soaps. First I changed the format of the Hungry Soaps website to something more simple, simpler to navigate, simpler for me to keep track of and, simpler to shop from, second I will be scaling back my product selection and custom orders. This decision was hard as I have had dreams of opening my own retail shop but with all that has happened in the last year God has helped redirect me and see what the more important things are like being present as a mom for my five kids, homeschooling, and being the wife God has called me to be. 

So that is the reason for the change. Here is to another awesome year of pampering!